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db Topic Start Time End Time Duration
19-Aug-05 Day 1 - 19 Aug 2005 gf gfd dfd
cv Anatomy, CMR & valves 9.00AM 10.50AM
19-Aug-05 Past, present and future - rows, detectors, etc. - some basic physics 9.00AM 9.30AM 30m
19-Aug-05 CMR techniques and some very basic physics 9.30AM 10.00AM 30m
19-Aug-05 Chamber & valvular anatomy 10.00AM 10.30AM 30m
sds Break sds sds 20m
ds Volume and function 10.50AM 11.35AM asds
19-Aug-05 Volume & function - CMR 10.50AM 11.20AM 30m
19-Aug-05 Volume & function - CT 11.20AM 11.35AM 15m
fgf Coronary artery disease - I 11.35AM 4.45PM sdfs
19-Aug-05 Cardiac CT - detailed analysis of physics & technical aspects 11.35AM 1.00PM 85m
asdfs Lunch dfd dfd 60m
19-Aug-05 Coronary artery anatomy & anomalies 2.00PM 2.45PM 45m
19-Aug-05 Calcium scoring 2.45PM 3.15PM 30m
dgd Break dfd dfd 20m
19-Aug-05 Artifacts 3.35PM 4.00PM 25m
19-Aug-05 Practical approach to coronary artery interpretation 4.00PM 4.45PM 45m
19-Aug-05 Case presentations & discussion 4.45PM 6.00PM 75m
20-Aug-05 Day 2 - 20 Aug 2005 dcfd dfd dv
dgfsd Coronary artery disease - II 9.00AM 1.30PM
20-Aug-05 Stent imaging 9.00AM 9.30AM 30m
20-Aug-05 Bypass imaging 9.30AM 10.15AM 45m
dv Break dd df 20m
d Coronary artery disease - III df d ss
20-Aug-05 Viability imaging - clinical & CMR 10.35AM 12.00noon 85m
20-Aug-05 Stress perfusion CMR 12.00noon 12.30PM 30m
20-Aug-05 Summarizing current data on cardiac CT & CMR for coronary artery & ischemic heart disease - panel 12.30PM 1.30PM 60m
sa Lunch df fd 60m
df Cardiomyopathies & pericardium 2.30PM 4.35PM dfd
20-Aug-05 Clinical & CMR - infiltrative, hypertrophic, etc 2.30PM 3.30PM 60m
20-Aug-05 Pericardium - CT & MRI 3.30PM 4.15PM 45m
sds Break df sd 20m
20-Aug-05 Case presentation and discussions 4.35PM 6.00PM 85m
21-Aug-05 Day 3 - 21 Aug 2005 d d d
f Congenital diseases 9.00AM 10.00AM x
21-Aug-05 Congenital - CT, MRI 9.00AM 10.00AM 60m
x Valvular diseases 10.00AM 11.00AM
21-Aug-05 Valvular diseases - clinical, CMR, CT 10.00AM 11.00AM 60m
d Break v v 20m
v Pulmonary artery & hypertension 11.20AM 1.30PM dc
21-Aug-05 Pulmonary hypertension 11.20AM 12.00noon 40m
21-Aug-05 Pulmonary thrombo-embolism 12.00noon 1.30PM 90m
d Aorta 2.30PM 3.15PM ccsd
21-Aug-05 Aorta - the how, where, when, why 2.30PM 3.15PM 45m
dc The Future 3.15PM 4.15PM dc
21-Aug-05 CT 3.15PM 3.45PM 30m
21-Aug-05 CMR 3.45PM 4.15PM 30m




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