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Archives for the week: May 8 - 14 2001

Author: Ichikawa T, Federle MP, Grazioli L, Nalesnik M.
Title:Hepatocellular adenoma: multiphasic CT and histopathologic findings in 25 patients.
Source:Radiology 2000; 214: 861-868
Review: This is an earlier article by the same group that wrote the article on focal nodular hyperplasia that I mentioned last week.
In this article, they have described characteristic features of hepatic adenomas. They are usually single, in the right lobe and are isodense to normal liver on plain, portal venous phase (PVP) and delayed scans. They are mildly hyperattenuating to liver on arterial phase images and usually enhance homogenously. They are sharply marginated and smooth. Other features seen less commonly include fat (seen much more commonly on MRI), hemorrhage, calcification, prominent vessels.
It should be possible using multi-phasic CT to differentiate between adenoma, FNH, hepatoma and hypervascular metastases.
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