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Archives for the week: May 8 - 14 2001

Author: Munden RF, Hess KR.
Title:"Dizels" on Chest CT: Survey of Members of the Society of Thoracic Radiology. AJR 2001
Source:AJR 2001; 176: 1363-1369
Review: This is an interesting article about what to do with ditzels, which is a "common language" term for nodules measuring between 3-5mm in size. These are now more and more often being clinically seen with the use of spiral CT, especially multi-slice CT.
A survey of the members of the American Thoracic Society was undertaken in 1996 regarding possible courses of action in 13 clinical situations, which included asymptomatic patients, smokers with incidental detection, prior treated bronchogenic carcinoma with new ditzel, etc.
The most common response was short-term follow-up with less aggressive recommendations (to do nothing) in cases with lower likelihood of malignancy and residence in an endemic area for granulomas and more aggressive recommendations (biopsy, open surgical removal) in cases with a higher likelihood of surgery and with more experience in reporting (>19years).
Since decision making has a lot to do with the basic background of the case and since the whole concept is relatively new, radiologists will be in the forefront in decision-making in cases of ditzels seen on CT.
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