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Archives for the week: July 2001

Author: Chasen MH
Title: Practical applications of mach band theory in thoracic analysis.
Source: Radiology. 2001 Jun; 219 (3): 596-610.
Review: This is a fascinating if slightly complicated article about Mach bands and their application to thoracic radiology. Mach bands are psychophysiologic optical phenomena that occur at borders of tissues of differing densities, due to lateral inhibition of the retina. The classic examples of Mach bands on a chest radiograph are the para-aortic and paraspinal lines. This long article discusses the physical principles behing Mach bands, the different types of bands seen normally and their applications in the interpretation of chest radiographs. The article is recommended especially for those who have a more than usual interest in chest radiology.
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Author: Yee J, Akerkar GA, Hung RK, Steinauer-Gebauer AM, Wall SD, McQuaid KR.
Title: Colorectal neoplasia: performance characteristics of ct colonography for detection in 300 patients.
Source: Radiology. 2001 Jun; 219 (3): 685-92.
Review: This study compares the performance of CT colonography with conventional endoscopic colonoscopy in the diagnosis of polyps and malignancies in both a symptomatic high-risk group and in a screening population.
CT colonography did well with an overall sensitivity and specificity for polyp detection of 90.1% and 72.0% respectively. For large polyps 10mm or more, the sensitivity on a polyp-by-polyp comparison was 90%, but went down to 59.1% for polyps less than 5mm. There were 8 carcinomas in this population, all of which CT colonography could identify. The issue here is the eventual replacement of screening colonscopy by CT colonography for screening for polyps. This is a big issue in the US, but almost a non-issue in our country. Because of this problem, virtual endoscopy itself has not taken off, simply because virtual bronchoscopy is "virtually" of no use and virtual colonoscopy is best used as a screening tool.
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