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Archives for the week: July 16 -21 2001

Author: Kim T, Federle MP, Baron RL, Peterson MS, Kawamori Y.
Title: Discrimination of Small Hepatic Hemangiomas from Hypervascular Malignant Tumors Smaller than 3 cm with Three-Phase Helical CT.
Source: Radiology. 2001 Jun;219(3):699-706.
Review: This article is more in the series of studies done by Federle and his group to define spiral CT characteristics of various hepatic neoplasms. The best sign is to get enhancement similar to the aorta. This was seen in 19-32% of hemangiomas, and only in 0-2% of malignant tumors. Globular enhancement was seen in more hemangiomas but was also seen in 4-12%. It should be possible to identify hypervascular malignancies with a fair degree of specificity. However the sensitivity for identifying both hemangiomas and malignanices remains poor.
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