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Advanced Workstation

Having built a simple workstation for viewing and archival, we can now try and build a more advanced workstation allowing 3D, color volume rendered imaging, virtual endoscopy and even calcium scoring and dental reconstruction, if required.

Again, such workstations are available from modality vendors as well as dedicated companies such as Algotec (www.algotec.com), Medimage (www.medimage.com) and AccuImage (www.accuimage.com). Most such workstations cost anywhere between 25-75lakhs (50,000-150,000USD).

Many companies however allow such software to be bought off the net at far-reduced costs. These companies include AccuImage (www.accuimage.com), Voxar (www.voxar.com), 3D Doctor (www.3ddoctor.com) and Mayo Medical Ventures (www.mayo.edu/bir/Software/BirPacs/BIRPacs.html).

AccuImage for example has the entire range of softwares ranging from simple 3D (including MIP and SSD), volume rendering, virtual endoscopy, printing to laser camera and generation of .avi video files. They also allow color 3D images to be printed on standard color laser printers.

For PC-based solutions, a high-end PC with a dual-processor, 1GB RAM and at least a 20GB hard disk are required with a 19' monitor.

Support is over the net and usually very prompt.

The cost of these workstations works out to between 10-15 lakhs (20,000-35,000USD).








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