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Ocular Ultrasound CD :

Ocular Ultrasound

This CD on ocular ultrasound covers 44 pathologies of the eyeball. They are divided into fifteen chapters with 34 sub-headings. The pathologies discussed include tumours, detachments & tropical diseases such as tuberculosis and cysticercosis. Each pathology is described under four headings; viz Indroduction, B-Scan, A-Scan and Associated Features. "Associated Features" deals with atypical presentation or combination of one or more pathologies. There are 530 illustrated images and 22 real-time video clips demonstrating the various types of kinetic echography. Anterior segment ultrasound is described using the immersion technique. There are 40 images of anterior segment pathologies - Deepak Bhatt MD

Salient Features:
  • 530 Illustrated Images
  • 22 Real-Time Video clips
  • Anterior segment ultrasound with immersion technique (40 images)
System Requirement :
  • Pentium class machine with a minimum of 16 MB RAM.
  • Monitor with minimum resolution of 800 pixel x 600 pixel, and 16 bit depth.
  • Multimedia setup preferred.

    Price of CD:

    This CD on Ocular Ultrasound costs Rs 999 and includes free courier delivery anywhere in India.

    For those outside India the cost is US $40 including free courier delivery anywhere in the world.

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