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Archives of Quizzes: Contents of Volume 4

The Archives of volumes 1-13 - ie till Dec 2012, are available as a CD. The CD contains around 593 quizzes that were put up on the REF site in the years 1999-2012. For details on purchasing the CD, click here.

Section Editors :

Abdominal : Dr. Dushyant Sahani
Neuro : Dr. Gaurang Shah
Head & Neck:Dr. Meher Ursekar

- Abdominal
- Breast
- Chest
- Head & Neck

- Musculoskeletal
- Neuro
- Pelvis
- Vascular


 A 47 years old lady presented with acute pain in the left half of the abdomen. A plain and contrast enhanced CT of the abdomen was performed.
 Perirenal Hemorrhage due to Bleeding Angiomyolipoma
 A 26-years old man had an episode of acute pain in the abdomen one month ago, which became a chronic, dull-aching pain not responding to treatment. USG was reported as liver abscesses involving the left lobe. Regression was documented after three weeks, but since the pain persisted, a CT scan was performed.
 Sealed-Off Perforation of Duodenal Ulcer
 A 53-years old man presented with pain in the hypochondrium for a month.
 Ileo-Cecal Tuberculosis with Malrotation
 A 35-years old man presented with pain in the left lumbar region and fever for around 1 month.
 A 58-years old lady on routine ultrasound had a left adrenal mass. An MRI was performed.
 Adrenal Adenoma
 A 32-years old lady presented with pain in the left flank and fever. An IVU was performed.
 A 20 year old man presented with a history of jaundice and abdominal pain with raised white counts and ESR. The bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase were elevated. CT and MRI were performed.
 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
 A 45-year old man presented with acute pain and a palpable lump in the left iliac fossa. An ultrasound was performed (Figs. 1,2)
 Acute Diverticulitis
 A 50-year old man presented with low grade abdominal pain. US of the upper abdomen showed a solid mass in the liver without any other liver abnormality. As a part of diagnostic work-up CT scan and subsequently MRI were performed.
 Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma (FLC)


 A 53-years old lady presented with a lump in the breast. A mammogram was obtained (Figs. 1,2).
 Breast Carcinoma
 A 25-years old lady presented with a lump in the breast. A mammogram was obtained (Fig. 1).


 A 43 years old lady presented with dyspnea.
 An 86 years old man presented with acute onset discomfort, mild breathlessness and fever
 Tooth in Intermediate Bronchus.
 An young man presented with chest pain and cough and expectoration.
 Ruptured Hydatid Cyst
 A 54-years old man presented with pain in the right chest.
 Major Fissure Loculated Pleural Effusion
 A 2-month old child presented with respiratory distress and eventually died. There was no evidence of infection.
 1. Right lung agenesis
2. Tracheal compression by a vascular ring
 A 40-year old lady is on aggressive initial treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. A chest radiograph and examination performed two months ago were normal. She now presents with breathlessness. An HRCT of the lungs was performed (Figs 1-3).
 Methotrexated-induced Interstitial Lung Disease

Head & Neck

 This patient presented with pulsatile tinitus. An HRCT of the temporal bone was performed.
 Glomus Tympanicum
 A male child presented with odynophagia and fever. A CT was performed (Figs. 1 & 2). Please read the question carefully.
 Suppurative Lymphadenopathy in the Retropharyngeal Space
 A 30-years old lady presented with pain and swelling over the lower jaw for around two weeks. She was undergoing some dental treatment.
 Osteomyelitis - Mandible


 A 48-years old man presented with a swelling in the right side of the neck posteriorly. Plain radiographs were obtained.
 Osteochondroma (of the C7 Spinous Process)
 A 20-years old boy presented with a one-year history of episodic pain over his right wrist joint anteriorly. Plain radiographs and MRI were obtained.
 Intraosseous Ganglion Cyst (of the Lunate)
 A 25-years old man presented with pain and swelling along the medial aspect of the arm upto the elbow. The patient had no systemic abnormalities.
 Leprosy (involving the Ulnar Nerve)
 A 19-years old woman presented with fever, pain in the left buttock region with tenderness and a small swelling. She had a limb. A plain radiograph (Fig. 1) was obtained.
 Ilium Tuberculosis
 A 17-years old girl presented with pain in the left hip for around six months with acute exacerbation in the last 2 weeks. An MRI was performed.
 Synovial chondromatosis
 A 45-year old lady. Please read the question properly.
 1. Terry-Thomas sign & cortical ring sign
2. David Letterman


 A 4-months old body presented with an abnormal skull shape. A CT of the skull was performed.
 Trigonocephaly (Due to Metopic Sutural Stenosis)
 A 2-years old boy presented with mental retardation. A CT was performed.
 A 2-years old boy presented with mental retardation. A CT was performed.
 A 35-years old man presented with recurrent giddiness and ataxia over a period of one week, following a whiplash injury to the neck. An MRI was performed.
 a. Multiple cerebellar and brain-stem infarcts
b. Vertebral artery dissection
 A 16-year old came with complaints of headaches and ataxia. An MRI was performed.
 A 30-year old lady presented with paresthesiae, numbness, pain in back and weakness.
 A 36-year old lady presented with cerebellar signs and early papilloedema. An MRI of the brain was performed.
 Medulloblastoma - Adult Cerebellar


 A 23-years old man had an MRI of the pelvis done for a chronic pathology. (Please read the question carefully).
 Trans-sphincteric Perianal Fistula
 A 20-year old lady presented with amenorrhea.
 Hematometra / Pyometra
 A 25-year old pregnant lady with 22 weeks amenorrhea came for a routine obstetric ultrasound.


 A 22-years old man with Marfan's syndrome was detected to have dissection of the aorta on ultrasound.
 False Lumen - Dissection Aorta
 A 40-year old lady presented with shortness of breath. A CT scan of the chest was performed. Please read the question carefully.
 1. Left SVC
2. Coronary sinus
3. The left SVC drains into the coronary sinus



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