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This was the first batch of 13 quizzes on which the prizes were awarded. At the end, 201 radiologists had at least one correct answer.

The winner :

N B S Mani - with eight correct answers Dr. N.B.S. Mani.

Second Prize
Shared by three radiologists for seven correct answers each

1. Manoj Jain


Dr. Manoj Jain

2. Ravi Desai


Mr. Ravi Desai.
3. K G Srinivasan K.G.Srinivasan

The second and third prizes of 150$ and 50$ each will now be combined and divided among the three second prize winners.

You can congratulate them individually, by sending them email.

Two radiologists have tied for the third place and will share equally the third place prize money of 50$. The first prize winner get 250$ and the second prize winner 100$.

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