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Quiz of The Week: (16 July, 2015)

Neurordiology 08

RQJ 2015; 16 (17)
Dr. Hemant Parmar
Associate Professor of Radiology, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

The REF quiz is a weekly quiz put up on Tuesday morning. The quizzes cover all aspects of radiology and are chosen for their uniqueness or teaching potential. A set of quizzes forms a block for prizes. For more details see:

A 6-year-old girl presented with bilateral progressive hearing loss 1 month after being successfully treated for bacterial meningitis. There was no history suggestive of vertigo, tinnitus, otorrhea or ear trauma. Her family history was non-contributory. Ear, nose and throat exam did not reveal any abnormality except bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Neurologic and systemic findings were normal. Audiogram confirmed bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss (left greater than right). MRI brain focussing on cranial nerves VII and VIII nerves was performed and provided.

Fig. 1: Coronal T2 image of the brain and temporal bones



What is your diagnosis?


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    Current Block Editor Dr. Mansi Saxena



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