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Quiz of The Week: (21 Apr, 2015)

Breast Imaging
RQJ 2015; 16 (11)
Dr. Mansi Saxena
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School. Radiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

The REF quiz is a weekly quiz put up on Tuesday morning. The quizzes cover all aspects of radiology and are chosen for their uniqueness or teaching potential. A set of quizzes forms a block for prizes. For more details see:

A 49-year old lady comes for screening mammography

Fig. 1: Bilateral screening mammogram Fig. 2: Focussed ultrasound


A. What BIRADS category will be assigned to the lesion on the screening mammogram?
B. The lesion persisted on additional imaging. What is the most likely possibility after the USG?


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    Current Block Editor Dr. Mansi Saxena



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