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Quiz of The Week: (29 July, 2015)

Breast Imaging 05

RQJ 2015; 16 (18)
Dr. Mansi Saksena
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School. Radiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

The REF quiz is a weekly quiz put up on Tuesday morning. The quizzes cover all aspects of radiology and are chosen for their uniqueness or teaching potential. A set of quizzes forms a block for prizes. For more details see:

A 52-year old woman comes for screening mammography. Images from the screening mammogram (Figs.1, 2) and magnification images from a subsequent diagnostic mammogram (Fig. 3) are presented.

Fig. 1: Screening CC views of both breasts Fig. 2: Screening MLO views of both breasts
Fig. 3:  Spot magnification views – ML & CC



What is the diagnosis?


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    Current Block Editor Dr. Mansi Saksena



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