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Quiz of The Week: (18 Mar, 2015)

Head & Neck 12

RQJ 2015; 16 (10)
Dr. Paresh Desai
Radiologist, Apollo Victor Hospital, Goa

The REF quiz is a weekly quiz put up on Tuesday morning. The quizzes cover all aspects of radiology and are chosen for their uniqueness or teaching potential. A set of quizzes forms a block for prizes. For more details see:

A 50-years old man came with right hemifacial pain.

Fig. 1: Axial contrast-enhanced CT scan of the neck Fig. 2: Axial T2W MRI of the brain
Fig. 3: Axial contrast-enhanced MRI of the brain


What is the diagnosis?


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    Current Block Editor Dr. Paresh Desai, Radiologist, Goa



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