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Quiz Rules

  • Starting from  January 2015 is our new block of twelve quizzes.
  • The winner will be the one who gets the most quizzes right. The name along with those who are second and third will be mentioned on the website and certificates will be given.
  • Radiologists all over the world are eligible to contest.
  • All entries must have the radiologist's full name and correct email address listed in the answer form. The first name and last name have to be mentioned. If there is a single name, the entry will be disqualifed. For .e.g. "Samir" is not acceptable, it should be "Samir Shah". Please do not use "Dr." before the name e.g. it should be "Samir Shah" and not "Dr. Samir Shah".
  • No differential diagnosis will be entertained. Even if the correct answer is present in the differential diagnosis, the answer will be disqualified.
  • From the third week onwards, a list of the current rankings will be displayed. This will be changed every week, depending on the rankings.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your full name is entered for the quiz answer along with the correct email address. If only the first or last name is entered, it may be difficult for us to decide who the radiologist is, considering that there may be many people with the same first or last names. Please see point 4 above.
  • Please do not enter "Dr" before your name, as this affects the automatic sorting system. It is understood that all of us are doctors. Please see point 4 above.
  • On receipt of the answer, an automatic acknowledgement mail will be sent by us. Please preserve this mail for future correspondence or disputes.
  • REF reserves the right to terminate or extend the contest at any time, or to accept or reject entries at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same. REF's decision regarding the contest will be final.
  • By participating in this Quiz, the Participants agree and acknowledge having read and understood all terms and conditions of this Quiz




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