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Abscess formation within Rathke’s cleft cyst

Diffusion images exhibiting restricted diffusion.

Patient underwent TSS which yielded frank pus, while histopathology report came as Abscess formation within Rathke’s cleft cyst.
 Abscess formation within a RCC remains an unusual condition. The majority of RCC abscesses seem to occur spontaneously, although previous pituitary surgery, irradiation of the gland and immunosuppressive therapy are speculated to be risk factors. Direct extension of adjacent infection such as sphenoid sinusitis, thrombophlebitis or a contaminated cerebrospinal fluid fistula can be causative factors. Other sellar lesions which may exhibit a restriction of diffusion on MRI include macroadenomata, apoplexy and autoimmune hypophysitis.
This patient did not have any systemic features of infection such as fever or leukocytosis. He was non diabetic.

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