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The Radiology Links section focusses on the best of Radiology Teaching material available on the web at the moment. This section, the first of its kind on the Web, provides a comprehensive overview of the Radiology content on the web, enabling one to browse the net quickly and meaningfully.

Radiology Links is a category based search engine (in the lines of Yahoo) specially created for usefully searching the web. The principal feature of the Radiology Links is to outline the Radiology content in the web in a focussed and crisp manner by cataloguing them under categories. One can browse the main three categories and subcategories, or search using the search box. The contents are targetted for all level users and will be constantly updated

Broadly, the links are divided into three main categories :

General Radiology Links

Links by modality

Organ radiology

Each of the above three main categories is further subdivided into individual subcategories such as Basics , Techniques, Atlases, Tutors&Textbooks, Topics, Imaging Topics, Imaging Protocols, Journals, Associations and Societies, Potpourri, Downloads and Links

You could browse or use the search box to search for say "Atlases" and get links to all radiology atlases.


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Disclaimer : These websites have been verified on 01 Jun 2000. In case of any change in the URL's, readers are requested to check the online version or contact Dr. I.K.Indrajit


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