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This section gives you a select list of sites under different categories, and each category has a list of sites with a brief review of each. We are sure you will find these reviews useful. We plan to present about 50 such categories.

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Disclaimer : These websites have been verified on 01 Jun 2000 and are continuously being re-verified. With the dynamic nature of the web, in case any one notices a change in the URL of any site, please contact Dr. I.K.Indrajit.

Vascular Imaging - LATEST


Conventional Radiology



Radiology Portals

Radiology - Professional bodies

Computed Tomography


MRI Basics

Radiology Links

Radiology Trade

Radiology Trade eZine

Doppler sites

International Radiology

Interventional Portals

Interventional Radiology

Embryology Atlases

Anatomy Atlases

Radiology Anatomy Atlases

Imaging Atlases

Chest Radiology

Basics Of DICOM

DICOM Resources

Skeletal Radiology

Breast Imaging

Emergency Radiology / Medicine

Online Radiology Textbooks

Radiology Related Medical Textbooks (Part 1)

Radiology Related Medical Textbooks (Part 2)

Miscellaneous Medical Textbooks & Databases

Cardiovascular Radiology & Imaging

Paediatric Radiology

Paediatric Cardiovascular Imaging

Paediatric Radiology Books

Fetal Imaging

Radiology CME


ENT Imaging

Radiology Quizzes

Teaching Files

Cranial Nerves (PART 1)

Cranial Nerves (PART 2)

Facial Nerve



Neurology & Neuroradiology Atlases

Skull Anatomy

Multislice / Multidetector CT Scan

Brain Tumours

Contrast Media

Oncology Websites

Article/Citation Database Links

Spine Imaging


Hepatobiliary Imaging

MRI - Safety

Cardiac MRI

Functional MRI

MR Spectro

MRI Physics

MR Angiography

MRI Links

Special MRI Applications




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