• Dushyant Sahani MD
  • Professor and Chair of Radiology, University of Washington 1959 NE Pacific Street, RR220 Seattle, WA 98112

Radiology is integral to modern medicine and the pace of innovations in imaging and image guided interventions continues. Training radiologists, technologists and other care providers has emerged a global challenge, and projected severe shortages of trained radiology workforce.

However, diverse local and international talent pool can be leveraged potentially either using technology or aligning educational activities in India around their planned visits.

Radiology education foundation (REF) has the credibility and vision to advance radiology education in India and the neighboring countries. Despite scarce resources, Bhavin Jankharia MD has build REF into a successful enterprise and a major educational resource for Indian radiology trainees and practicing physicians. I have enjoyed my affiliations with REF for over two decades and I am delighted to lend my support for the proposed “In-Reach” program.