The 12th RRC was held from 06-09 2008. More than 300 residents attended.

We had some new speakers, two of whom came from outside Mumbai. Dr. Varsha Joshi’s and Anisha Sawkar’s lectures were much appreciated.

The 1st quiz prize winner was Dr. Shikha Pillai from Thrissur and she won an all-expenses paid trip to the ECR in Vienna. The second prize went to Dr. Aruna Patil from New Delhi. She will get an all-expenses paid trip to the National IRIA conference. The list of all past quiz prize winners is here

Program Details

    Day I – November 6th 2008    
Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration
Physics etc.   9.00AM 1.15PM  
Basic practical physics Ravi Ramakantan 9.00AM 10.00AM 60 mins
Contrast media Bhavin Jankharia 10.00AM 10.30AM 30 mins
Multi-detector & multi-slice CT Hemant Telkar 10.30AM 11.00AM 30 mins
    Break (15m)    
Digital radiology Bhavin Jankharia 11.15AM 11.45AM 30 mins
MRI spectroscopy, perfusion, etc Darshana Sanghvi 11.45AM 12.15PM 30 mins
PET Nilendu Purandare 12.15PM 12.45PM 30 mins
Chest   12.45 PM 7.15 PM  
Basic X-ray interpretation Ravi Ramakantan 12.45PM 1.45PM 60 mins
Lunch   1.45PM 2.30PM  
How to write a scientific paper Ravi Ramakantan     45 mins
HRT lung- technical aspects, overview and airway disorders Bhavin Jankharia 2.30PM 3.15PM 45 mins
Interstitial lung diseases Anirudh Kohli 3.15PM 4.00PM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 4.15PM 4.45PM 30 mins
Pediatric chest Ravi Ramakantan 4.45PM 5.45PM 60 mins
Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 5.45PM 6.15PM 30 mins
    Break (15m)    
Lung cancer Bhavin Jankharia 6.30PM 7.15PM 45 mins
Quiz – written elims   7.15PM 8.00PM 45 mins


    Day II – November 7th 2008    
Topic Speakers Start time End time Duration
Musculoskeletal   8.30AM 4.00PM  
Bone dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 9.15AM 9.45AM 30 mins
Metabolic bone diseases Ravi Ramakantan 9.45AM 10.30AM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
Bone tumors Bhavin Jankharia 10.45AM 11.30AM 45 mins
Shoulder MRI Darshana Sanghavi 11.30AM 12noon 30 min
MRI of other joints Bhavin Jankharia 12noon 12.45PM 45 mins
Knee MRI Darshana Sanghavi   12.45PM 1.30PM 45 mins
Lunch   1.30PM 2.15PM  
How to write a scientific paper Ravi Ramakantan     45 mins
Degenerative spine diseases Bhavin Jankharia 2.15PM 3.00PM 45 mins
Cardiovascular   3.00PM 6.45PM  
Cardiac CT Bhavin Jankharia 3.00PM 3.30PM 30 mins
    Break (15m)    
Cardiac MRI Abhijit Raut 3.45PM 4.15PM 30 mins
Interventional radiology – overview Rahul Sheth 4.15PM 5.00PM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
Color Doppler in vascular imaging Chander Lulla 5.15PM 6.00PM 45 mins
CT & MRI angiography Devang Desai 6.00PM 6.30PM 30 mins
GI – I   6.30PM 7.30PM  
Barium interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 6.30PM 7.30PM 60 mins
Quiz – quarters   7.30PM 8.30PM 60 mins


    Day III – November 8th 2008    
Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration
Neuro & Head & Neck   8.30AM 4.30PM  
Epilepsy imaging Meher Ursekar 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
Stroke Srinivas Desai 9.15AM 10.00AM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
Skull base Meher Ursekar 10.15AM 11.00AM 45 mins
White matter diseases Santosh Gupta 11.00AM 11.30AM 30 mins
    Break (15m)    
Pediatric neuroimaging Meher Ursekar 11.45AM 12.30PM 45 mins
Larynx Varsha Joshi 12.30PM 1.00PM 30 mins
Neck spaces Shilpa Sankhe 1.00PM 1.45PM 45 mins
Lunch   1.45PM 2.30PM 45 mins
Temporal bone – anatomy Anisha Sawkar 2.30PM 2.50PM 20 mins
Temporal bone – pathology Varsha Joshi 2.50PM 3.20PM 30 mins
    Break (15m)    
Ocular USG Deepak Bhatt 3.35PM 4.00PM 25 mins
Buccal cancer Suprita Arya 4.00PM 4.30PM 30 mins
GU   4.30PM 7.15PM  
Urography Devang Desai 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
Renal SOLs Bharat Aggarwal 5.30PM 6.15PM 45 mins
USG in the KUB & prostate Mukund Joshi 6.15PM 7.15PM 60 mins
Quiz – Finals   7.15PM Till end  


    Day IV – November 9th 2008    
Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration
Women’s radiology   8.30AM 12.30PM  
Basic issues in obstetric ultrasound B Ramamoorthy 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
Fetal anomalies Nitin Chaubal 9.15AM 10.00AM 45 mins
    Break (15m)    
PNDT Act B Ramamoorthy Jignesh Thakker 10.15AM 10.45AM 30 mins
Uterine & ovarian USG B Ramamoorthy 10.45AM 11.30AM 45 mins
Breast radiology Bijal Jankharia 11.30AM 12.30AM 60 mins
Lunch   12.30PM 1.15PM 45 mins
GI – II   1.15PM 05.00PM  
Portal hypertension  B Ramamoorthy 1.15PM 2.00PM 45 mins
Obstructive jaundice – USG Somesh Lala 2.00PM 2.30PM 30 mins
Obstructive jaundice & portal hypertension – CT & MRI Bharat Aggarwal 2.30PM 3.30PM 60 mins
    Break (15m)    
Barium interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 3.45PM 5.00PM 75 mins