“This course was attended by 230 residents from all over the country. As usual, they found it useful. The difference this time was the absence of the quiz and a quiz prize. There was quite some feedbacks about different facets of the conference, which will help us further fine-tune the meeting”.

Program Details

Date Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
11-Nov-10 Day 1 – 11 Nov 2010        
  Physics, basics, miscelleaneous issues   9.00AM 8.30PM  
11-Nov-10 Basic practical X-ray physics Ravi Ramakantan 9.00AM 9.45AM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 CT physics and radiation issues Hemant Telkar 9.45AM 10.30AM 45 mins
  Break   10.30AM 10.45AM 15 mins
11-Nov-10 Digital radiology Ravi Ramakantan 10.45AM 10.45AM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 PET Ujwala Bhure 11.30AM 12.15PM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 Contrast media Bhavin Jankharia 12.15PM 1.00PM 45 mins
  Lunch   1.00PM 1.45PM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 USG and color Doppler physics – new and advanced Anirudh Badade 1.45PM 2.45PM 60 mins
  Break       15 mins
11-Nov-10 PNDT act Jignesh Thakker 2.45PM 3.15PM 30 mins
11-Nov-10 Interventional – vascular and other flouro-guided Bhavesh Popat 3.15PM 4.00PM 45 mins
  Break   4.00PM 4.15PM 15 mins
11-Nov-10 Interventional – non-vascular Bhavin Jankharia 4.15PM 5.00PM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 USG-guided interventions Saba Shaikh 5.00PM 5.30PM 30 mins
11-Nov-10 Cardiac imaging – overview Bhavin Jankharia 5.30PM 6.00PM 30 mins
  Break   6.00PM 6.15PM 15 mins
11-Nov-10 Writing articles Ravi Ramakantan 6.15PM 6.45PM 30 mins
11-Nov-10 Practical IT in radiology Bhavin Jankharia 6.45PM 7.15PM 30 mins
11-Nov-10 Advanced MR Neuro Imaging Darshana Sanghvi 7.15PM 8.00PM 45 mins
11-Nov-10 How to succeed as a radiologist Bhavin Jankharia 8.00PM 8.30PM 30 mins


Date Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
12-Nov-10 Day 2 -12 Nov 2010        
  Chest   8.30AM 2.00PM  
12-Nov-10 Basic X-ray interpretation Ravi Ramakantan 8.30AM 9.30AM 60 mins
12-Nov-10 Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 9.30AM 10.15AM 45 mins
  Break   10.15AM 10.30AM 15 mins
12-Nov-10 HRCT lung Bhavin Jankharia 10.30AM 11.30AM 60 mins
12-Nov-10 Pediatric chest Ravi Ramakantan 11.30AM 12.30PM 60 mins
12-Nov-10 Pulmonary thrombo-embolism, hypertension and vascular abnormalities Anirudh Kohli 12.30PM 1.15PM 45 mins
12-Nov-10 Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 1.15PM 2.00PM 45 mins
  Lunch   2.00PM 2.45PM  
  Musculoskeletal   2.45PM 9.15PM  
12-Nov-10 Bone dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 2.45PM 3.30PM 45 mins
12-Nov-10 Bone tumors Bhavin Jankharia 3.30PM 4.15PM 45 mins
  Break   4.15PM 4.30PM 15 mins
12-Nov-10 Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
12-Nov-10 Metabolic bone diseases Ravi Ramakantan 5.15PM 6.00PM 45 mins
  Break   6.00PM 6.15Pm 15 mins
12-Nov-10 Shoulder and knee – what you need to know Aditya Daftary 6.15PM 7.15PM 60 mins
12-Nov-10 Degenerative spine Bhavin Jankharia 7.15PM 8.00PM 45 mins
12-Nov-10 Spine infections Deepak Patkar 8.00PM 8.45PM 45 mins


Date Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
13-Nov-10 Day 3 – 13 Nov 2010        
  Neuro   8.30AM 12noon  
13-Nov-10 Brain tumors – basic issues Varsha Joshi 8.30AM 9.30AM 60 mins
13-Nov-10 Epilepsy imaging Santosh Gupta 9.30AM 10.15AM 45 mins
  Break   10.15AM 10.30AM 15 mins
13-Nov-10 Infections Varsha Joshi 10.30AM 11.15AM 45 mins
  Head & Neck   11.15AM 3.45PM  
13-Nov-10 Temporal bone Varsha Joshi 11.15AM 12noon 45 mins
13-Nov-10 PNS Abhijit Raut 12noon 12.45PM 45 mins
13-Nov-10 Neck spaces Varsha Joshi 12.45PM 1.30PM 45 mins
  Lunch   1.30PM 2.15PM 45 mins
13-Nov-10 Larynx & hypopharynx Suprita Arya 2.15PM 3.00PM 45 mins
  GI – I        
13-Nov-10 Acute abdomen – CT & MRI Bharat Agarwal 3.00PM 3.45PM 45 mins
  Break   3.45PM 4.00PM 15 mins
13-Nov-10 Acute abdomen – USG Asif Momin 4.00PM 4.30PM 30 mins
13-Nov-10 Small bowel barium G R Jankharia 4.30PM 5.00PM 30 mins
  GU   5.00PM 8.30PM  
13-Nov-10 Pelvic MRI – female Karthik Ganesan 5.00PM 5.45PM 45 mins
  Break   5.45PM 6.00PM 15 mins
13-Nov-10 Urography Devang Desai 6.00PM 6.45PM 45 mins
13-Nov-10 SOLs in the KUB Bharat Agarwal 6.45PM 7.30PM 45 mins
13-Nov-10 USG in the KUB & prostate Mukund Josh 7.30PM 8.30PM 60 mins


Date Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
14-Nov-10 Day 4 – 14 Nov 2010        
  Women’s radiology   8.30AM 12.45PM  
14-Nov-10 Basic issues in obstetric ultrasound B Ramamoorthy 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
14-Nov-10 Breast radiology Bijal Jankharia 9.15AM 10.15AM 60 mins
  Break   10.15AM 10.30AM 15 mins
14-Nov-10 Fetal anomalies Pallavi Shetty 10.30AM 11.15AM 45 mins
14-Nov-10 Ovarian and uterine USG B Ramamoorthy 11.15AM 12noon 45 mins
  Neuro II        
14-Nov-10 Stroke Srinivas Desai 12noon 12.45PM 45 mins
  Lunch   12.45PM 1.30PM 45 mins
  GI – II   1.30PM 6.00PM  
14-Nov-10 Portal hypertension & obstructive jaundice B Ramamoorthy 1.30PM 2.45PM 45 mins
14-Nov-10 Obstructive jaundice & portal hypertension – CT & MRI Bharat Agarwal 2.45PM 3.30PM 45 mins
  Break   3.30PM 3.45PM 15 mins
14-Nov-10 Barium interpretation Ravi Ramakantan 3.45PM to end