The course was held at The Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai on 10-13 October, 2013

There was lunch on all three days with coffee Breaks.

Program Details:

    Day 1 -10 Oct 2013    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Chest Radiology   11.00AM 5.30PM 6 hr 30 mins
Plain radiograph Ravi Ramakantan 11.00AM 1.30PM 2 hr 30 mins
Lunch   1.30PM 2.30PM 1hr
All the rest Bhavin Jankharia 2.30PM 5.30PM 3 hr
Breast Radiology   5.30PM 7.00PM 1 hr 30 mins
Breast Bijal Jankharia 5.30PM 7.00PM 1hr 30 mins
Philosophy – I   7.00PM 8.00PM 1hr
Humanities in Radiology Ravi Ramakantan 7.00PM 8.00PM 1hr


    Day 2 – 11 Oct 2013    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Neuro   8.30AM 11.30AM 3 hr
Neuroradiology Bejoy Thomas 8.30AM 11.30AM 3 hr
Quiz – I   11.30AM 12.15PM 45 mins
Prelims A Anbuarasu 11.30AM 12.15PM 45 mins
Musculoskeletal   12.15PM 6.30PM 6 hr 15 mins
Plain radiographs Ravi Ramakantan 12.15PM 1.15PM 1hr
Lunch   1.15PM 1.15PM 1hr
Plain radiographs Ravi Ramakantan 2.15PM 3.15PM 1hr
All else Bhavin Jankharia 3.15PM 6.15PM 3 hr
Quiz – II   6.45PM 8.00PM 75 mins
Semis A Anbuarasu 6.50PM 8.00PM 75 mins


    Day 3 – 12 Oct 2013    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Cardiac   8.30AM 10.30AM 2 hr
Cardiac Bhavin Jankharia 8.30AM 10.30AM 2 hr
Break       20 mins
Quiz – III   10.50AM 12noon 80 mins
Finals A Anbarasu 10.50AM 12noon 80 mins
Break       20 mins
Philosophy – II   12.20PM 1.00PM 40 mins
A life of radiology in ten points Bhavin Jankharia 12.20PM 1.00PM 40 mins
Lunch   1.00PM 2.00PM 60 mins
GI – I   2.00PM 4.30PM 2 hr 30 mins
Bariums Ravi Ramakantan 2.00PM 4.30PM 2 hr 30 mins
Head & Neck   4.30PM 8.30PM 4 hr
Head & Neck Varsha Joshi 4.30PM 8.30PM 4 hr


    Day 4 – 13 Oct 2013    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Ultrasound   8.30AM 12.30PM  
Ultrasound B. Ramamoorthy 8.30AM 12.30PM 4 hr
Lunch   12.30PM 1.30PM 1 hr
GI – II   1.30PM 4.30PM  
CT & MRI – Abdomen & Pelvis Bharat Aggarwal   1.30PM 4.30PM 3 hr



  1. Each speaker is an absolute expert in his/her field.
  2. Each expert will conduct the session the way he/she wants. This may be a combination of didactic lectures, cases, quizzes, question and answer sessions, etc
  3. There will only be packed lunch and running tea, coffee and biscuits.