1st Apollo REF Teaching Review Course – 27th to 29th March, 2009

  • The course was held at the Taj Deccan, Hyderabad from 27-29 March, 2009.
  • The Registration fee was Rs.1500 for consultants and Rs.1000 for residents.

Program Details

    Day 1- 27th March 2009    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Chest   2.00PM 7.15PM  
Basic X-ray interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 2.00PM 3.00PM 60 mins
Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 3.00PM 3.30PM 30 mins
    Break 15mins    
Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 3.45PM 4.30PM 45 mins
Pedatric & neonatal chest Ravi Ramakantan 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
HRCT lung – ILDs and airway diseases Bhavin Jankharia 5.15PM 6.15PM 60 mins
Basic X-ray interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 6.15PM 7.15PM 60 mins


    Day 2- 28th March 2009    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Musculoskeletal   8.00AM 12.15PM  
Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 8.00AM 8.45AM 45 mins
Bone dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 8.45AM 9.30AM 45 mins
Internal derangements – knee / shoulder / TM joint Bhavin Jankharia 9.30AM 10.30AM 60 mins
    Break 15m    
Bone tumors Ravi Ramakantan 10.45AM 11.30AM 45 mins
Soft tissue tumors Bhavin Jankharia 11.30AM 12.15PM 30 mins
GI – I   12.15PM 1.15PM  
Barium interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 12.15PM 1.15PM 60 mins
    Lunch 1.15 PM to 2.00PM- 45 mins    
Head & Neck   2.00PM 6.00PM  
Larynx Varsha Joshi 2.00PM 2.30PM 30 mins
Oral cavity& Oropharynx Anisha Sawkar 2.30PM 3.00PM 30 mins
Neck Spaces Varsha Joshi 3.00PM 3.40PM 40 mins
    Break 20m    
Temporal Bone Anisha Sawkar 4.00PM 4.40PM 40 mins
Orbit Varsha Joshi 4.40PM 5.20PM 40 mins
Paranasal Sinuses Radiologist 5.20PM 6.00PM 40 mins


    Day 3- 29th March 2009    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
GI – II   8.30AM 9.30AM  
Barium interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 8.30AM 9.30AM 60 mins
Cardiovascular   9.30AM 11.30AM  
Cardiac CT Bhavin Jankharia 9.30AM 10.15AM 45 mins
    Break 15m    
Cardiac MRI Bhavin Jankharia 10.15AM 11.00AM 45 mins
Aorta – CTA/MRA Vijay Bhaskar 11.00AM 11.30AM 30 mins
Nuclear Medicine & PET   11.30AM 12.45PM  
Cardiac SPECT & PET Kavitha N 11.30AM 12noon 30 mins
PET/CT in oncology Bhavin Jankharia 12noon 12.45PM 45 mins
    Lunch 12.45PM to 1.20PM 35 mins    
Neuro   1.20PM 5.00pm  
Skull Base Varsha Joshi 1.20PM 2.00PM 40 mins
Advanced neuroimaging Ravi Verma 2.00PM 2.30PM 30 mins
Peditaric neuroimaging Varsha Joshi 2.30PM 3.10PM 40 mins
    Break 20m    
Stroke imaging L T Kishore 3.30PM 4.00PM 30 mins
Vascular malformations & aneurysms Rammurti 4.00PM 4.30PM 30 mins
Imaging in epilepsy Sandeep J 4.30PM 5.00PM 30 mins