The Course was held at KREST Auditorium, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad from 12th – 14th March, 2010.

The fees were Rs.2000 for residents and Rs.2500 for consultants

There was lunch served on both days with coffee breaks.

Program Details

    Day 1 – 12 Mar 2010    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Head & Neck – I   9.00AM 12.00noon  
Neck spaces Varsha Joshi 9.00AM 9.45AM 45 mins
PET/CT in head & neck imaging Kavitha N 9.45AM 10.30AM 45 mins
    Break 15m    
Skull base & temporal bone – normal anatomy Varsha Joshi 10.45AM 12.00noon 45 mins
Lunch   12.00PM 1.00PM 60 mins
Chest   1.00PM 7.15PM  
Basic X-ray interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 1.00PM 2.00PM 60 mins
Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 2.00PM 2.30PM 30 mins
    Break 15 m    
Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 2.45PM 3.30PM 45 mins
Pedatric & neonatal chest Ravi Ramakantan 3.30PM 3.30PM 45 mins
HRCT lung – ILDs and airway diseases Bhavin Jankharia 4.15PM 5.15PM 60 mins
    Break 15 m    
Basic X-ray interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 5.30PM 6.30PM 60 mins
Lung cancer Bhavin Jankharia 6.30PM 7.15PM 45 mins


    Day 2 – 13 Mar 2010    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Women’s Imaging   9.00AM 1.00PM  
Mammography Bijal Jankharia 9.00AM 9.45AM 45 mins
TIFFA scan TLN Praveen 9.45AM 10.30AM 45 mins
    Break 15 m    
Sonomammography Bijal Jankharia 10.45AM 11.30AM 45 mins
USG of uterus and ovaries TLN Praveen 11.30AM 12.15PM 45 mins
Breast MRI Bijal Jankharia 12.15PM 1.00PM 45 mins
Lunch   1.00PM 1.45PM 45 mins
Musculoskeletal   1.45PM 7.15PM  
Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 1.45PM 2.30PM 45 mins
Bone dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 2.30PM 3.15PM 45 mins
    Break 15 m    
Internal derangements – knee / shoulder / TM joint Bhavin Jankharia 3.30PM 4.30PM 60 mins
Metabolic bone diseases Ravi Ramakantan 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
Bone tumors Bhavin Jankharia 5.15PM 6.00PM 45 mins
    Break 15 m    
GI   6.15PM 7.15PM  
Barium interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 6.15PM 7.15PM 60 mins


    Day 3 – 14 Mar 2010    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
GI II   8.30AM 9.30AM  
Barium interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 8.30AM 9.30AM 60 mins
Head & Neck – II   9.30AM 11.45AM  
Orbit Anisha Sawkar 9.30AM 10.15AM 45 mins
    Break 15 m    
The abnormal temporal bone Varsha Joshi 10.30AM 11.00AM 30 mins
Paranasal sinuses Anisha Sawkar 11.00AM 11.45AM 45 mins
PET/CT   11.45AM  12.30PM  
PET/CT in oncology Bhavin Jankharia 11.45AM 12.30PM 45 mins
Abdominal   12.30PM 5.30PM  
Liver CT & MRI Bharat Agarwal 12.30PM 1.30PM 60 mins
Lunch   1.30PM 2.00PM 30 mins
Kidneys CT & MRI Bharat Aggarwal 2.00PM 2.45PM 45 mins
Aorta CT & MRI L T Kishore 2.45PM 3.30PM 45 mins
    Break 15 m    
Uterus and ovaries CT & MRI Bharat Agarwal 3.45PM 4.45PM 60 mins
Pancreas CT & MRI Lalitha Reddy 4.45Pm 5.30PM 45 mins