1. Registration was on first-come, first serve basis and was stopped the moment 100 registrations were done. The last date of registration was 15th Feb 2017.
  2. Registration fee was non -refundable.
  3. List of registered candidates was put up regularly.
  4. There was lunch served on both days with coffee breaks
  5. Registration fee


Consultant Resident Category
Rs.3500 Rs.3000 Early Bird for first 20 before 26th Jan, whichever is early
Rs.4250 Rs.3750 Before 10th Feb
Rs.5000 Rs.4500 After 10th Feb


    25-26 Feb 2017 : 2nd Annual MSK Bone Club Program    
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
    Day 1 – Saturday    
Spine   9.00AM 12.00PM 3 hr
Disc hernias and canal stenosis Bhavin Jankharia 9.00AM 9.20AM 20 min
Spine infections – has anything changed in radiology? Shilpa Sankhe 9.20AM 9.35AM 15 min
Plain radiographs – relevant or superfluous Ravi Ramakantan 9.35AM 9.50AM 15 min
Post-operative spine Anupama Maheswaran 9.50AM 10.05AM 15 min
Surgeon’s perspective S Rajasekaran 10.05AM 10.25AM 20 min
Missed opportunities Aditya Daftary 10.25AM 10.40AM 15 min
Vertebral collapse – approach Malini Lawande 10.40AM
15 min
Axial spondyloarthropathy Avneesh Chhabra 10.55AM 11.20AM 25 min
Break   11.20AM 11.40AM 20 min
Bone & Soft Tissue Tumors        
Bone tumors – case based Bhavin Jankharia 11.40AM 12.10PM
30 min
Soft tissue tumors – case based Avneesh Chhabra 12.10PM 12.40PM 30 min
Plain films Ravi Ramakantan 12.40PM 1.00PM 20 min
USG Ashwin Lawande 1.00PM 1.15PM 15 min
MRI Malini Lawande 1.15PM 1.30PM 15 min
Lunch   1.30PM 2.15PM 45 min
Bone marrow edema patterns Aditya Daftary 2.15PM 2.30PM 15 min
Osteonecrosis – radiologist Mahesh Prakash 2.30PM 2.45PM 15 min
Labral disorders and FAI Avneesh Chhabra 2.45PM 3.15PM 30 min
USG and hip Nidhi Bhatnagar 3.15PM 3.30PM 15 min
Break   3.30PM 3.50PM 20 min
Ankle & Foot        
Ankle sprains (ligaments) Aditya Daftary 3.50PM 4.05PM 15 min
Ankle and foot tendons Joshita Singh 4.05PM 4.25PM 20 min
Forefoot pain Malini Lawande 4.25PM 4.40PM 15 min
USG ankle and foot Ashwin Lawande 4.40PM 5.00PM 20 min
Menisci Mahesh Prakash 5.00PM 5.15PM 15 min
Cruciates Aditya Daftary 5.15PM 5.30PM 15 min
Early OA Avneesh Chhabra 5.30PM 5.45PM
15 min
PF disorders Darshana Sanghvi 5.45PM 6.00PM 15 min


    Day 2 – Sunday    
Topic Speakers Start Time End Time Duration
Cuff assessment Avneesh Chhabra 9.00AM 9.20AM 20 min
Instability Aditya Daftary 9.20AM 9.40AM 20 min
Impingement Sanjay Viswamitra 9.40AM 10.00AM 20 min
USG of shoulder Joban Babhulkar 10.00AM 10.20AM 20 min
Derangements Avneesh Chhabra 10.20AM 10.50AM 20 min
Break   10.50AM 11.10AM 20 min
Fracture healing Nidhi Bhatnagar 11.10AM 11.30AM 20 min
The various uses of USG in MSK – an overview Bipin Shah 11.30AM 11.50AM 20 min
Interventional MSK        
Building an interventional MSK practice Aditya Daftary 11.50AM 12.05PM 15 min
USG Aditya Daftary, Nidhi Bhatnagar, Ashwin Lawande 12.05PM 12.25PM 20 min
CT Bhavin Jankharia 12.25PM 12.45PM 20 min
MRI Neurography        
MRI Neurography Avneesh Chhabra 12.45PM 1.10PM 25 min
Lunch   1.10PM 1.45PM 35 min
Internal derangements Avneesh Chhabra 1.45PM 2.15PM 30 min
UCL injury thumb – 10 mins – MRI, 10 mins USG Ashwin Lawande, Khushboo Pilania 2.15PM 2.35PM 20 min
Finger lesions Khushboo Pilania 2.35PM 2.55PM 20 min
CT scan – why is it still useful – including MARS CT Bhavin Jankharia 2.55PM 3.10PM 15 min
MARS MRI Khushboo Pilania 3.10PM 3.30PM 20 min
PET/CT in MSK Nilendu Purandare 3.30PM 3.50PM 20 min
Break   3.50PM 4.10PM 20 min
Dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 4.10PM 4.40PM 30 min
Cases that have stumped us Bhavin Jankharia, Aditya Daftary, Rajsekaran, Avneesh Chhabra 4.40PM till end