The 5th Cardiac CT & MRI Course, held on 28-29 August, 2010, sponsored by Siemens Ltd, as usual was an overwhelming success. The course was limited to 100 registrants, who were extremely appreciative of the interaction with the speakers

Venue: The Bell Hotel & Convention centre
No. 88, Next to City Railway Station,
Bangalore – 560 023.
Tel : +91-80-4015 2222

Program Details

5th Cardiac CT & MRI Review Course (28th August to 29th August 2010)

Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration(Mins)
Introduction to course Sanjaya Viswamitra 8.50 am 9.00am 10
I – CTA – Basics        
Coronary anatomy and anomalies Vijaya Bhaskar Nori 9.00AM 9.20AM 20
Basics of cardiac CT acquisition Sanjaya Viswamitra 9.20AM 9.40AM 20
Cardiac CTA exam: How to perform one R Rajeshkannan 9.40AM 9.40AM 20
Artifact in Cardiac CT Sriram Rajan 10.00AM 10.20AM 20
Tea break   10.20 AM 10.40AM 20
I – CTA – Clinical Imaging        
Clinical questions in Cardiac imaging Srikanth Sola 10.40AM 11.00AM 20
How to review and report calcium score Hemant Telkar 11.00AM 11.15AM 15
How to review coronary CTA Hemant Telkar 11.15AM 11.45AM 30
Imaging in bypass graft and pre surgical evaluation Srikanth Sola 11.45AM 12.05 AM 20
Stent Imaging Hemant Telkar 12.05AM 12.20AM 15
How to build a succesful cardiac CT practice Panel discussion 12.20AM 12.40PM 20
Q & A (Sessions I & II) Panel 12.40PM 1.10PM 30
LUNCH   1.10PM 2.00PM 50
II – Congenital Heart Disease and Radiation        
Imaging of CHD – CT vs MRI R Rajeshkannan 2.00PM 2.40PM 40
Radiation issues in children and adults Hemant Telkar 2.40PM 3.00PM 20
Tea break   3.00PM 3.20PM 20
III – Miscellaneous        
Clinical imaging beyond 64-slice CT Abhishek Gorlawar 3.20PM 3.40PM 20
Cases GROUP 3.40PM 4.30PM 50
Introduction of ISCI Sanjaya Viswamitra 4.30PM 5.00PM 30


    Day 2- 29th August 2010    
Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration(Mins)
IV – MRI-Basics        
Basics of Cardiac MR Sanjaya Viswamitra 9.00AM 9.20AM 20
Normal cardiac anatomy and planes Elizabeth Joseph 9.20AM 9.50AM 30
How to perform a cardiac MR Mahesh BM 9.50AM 10.10AM 20
How to report cardiac MRI (including function assessment) Narendra Bodhey 10.10AM 10.40AM 30
Tea break   10.40AM 11.00AM 20
IV – MRI – Myocardium, Pericardium and Valves        
Cardiomyopathy Bhavin Jankharia 11.00AM 11.30AM 30
Pericardium Vijaya Bhaskar Nori 11.30AM 11.50AM 20
Cardiac masses Narendra Bodhey 11.50AM 12.20AM 30
Valvular Disease Elizabeth Joseph 12.20AM 12.50AM 30
Q & A (Sessions I & II) All speakers 12.50AM 1.20PM 30
LUNCH   1.20PM 2.00PM 40
V – MRI – Coronary artery disease        
Ischemia Gurpreet Gulati 2.00PM 2.20PM 20
Imaging of myocardial viability Mahesh BM 2.20PM 2.40PM 20
Nuclear cardiology: putting it into perspective Sanjaya Viswamitra 2.40PM 3.10PM 30
Q & A All speakers 3.10PM 3.30PM 20
Tea break   3.30PM 3.50PM 20
VI – Miscellaneous        
Acute aortic syndrome R Rajeshkannan 3.50PM 4.10PM 20
Case based review of cardiac MRI Gurpreet Gulati 4.10PM 5.00PM 40
Closing remarks   5.00PM 5.10PM 10