26th Nov 2022 – Saturday | Venue – Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai

The Skill Enhancement Program will focus on

  • Understanding what constitutes a good CT chest for diffuse lung diseases

  • Understanding the four types of diffuse lung diseases (emphysema, small airways disease, cystic lung disease and interstitial lung disease) with a focus on interstitial lung diseases

  • Understanding the interpretation of interstitial lung diseases

Pre and post

  1. 20 cases will be sent in advance for interpretation with an online Google Doc for self-interpretation
  2. 20 cases will be interpreted by the candidates during the masterclass
  3. 10 cases will be sent after the masterclass for interpretation

Program (10:00AM to 4:00PM)

  1. Welcome note
  2. Basic issues in CT chest interpretation of diffuse lung diseases
  3. Discussion of the 20 cases given in advance
  4. Interpretation of 20 cases given on the day
  5. Lunch
  6. Discussion of those 20 new cases

10 new cases will be given a week later for interpretation online

Conducted by – Dr Bhavin Jankharia
Registration Fee – Rs.5000
Register here: https://imjo.in/tpn8m3
Contact us : +91 88798 79072 | 022 6617 3333
Email: info@refindia.net