Key Learning Objectives:

Radiation exposure: Substance over hype
Daily DO’s and DONT’s in CT and MRI: Managing issues related to contrast, pregnancy, metal implants etc.
Medicolegal and ethical considerations of consent, filming and reporting
Mastering various compliance issues related to AERB and PC-PNDT

Registration fee:

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Rs.1500                    Till 30 June

Rs.2500                    from 1 July – 31 July

Rs.3500                    from 1 Aug onwards

Payment Mode: Registration can be done online by Credit/Debit card or by Cash or Demand Draft or NEFT.

Program Details

Talk Time Topic Speaker
1 9.00-9.30 Patient safety questions: Do you know all the answers? Bhavin Jankharia
2 9.30-9.45 Radiation and safety for health care workers Bhavin Jankharia
  9.45-10.00 Q and A  
Managing Contrast-related Issues      
3 10.00-10.30 Know your contrast (KYC): Can you give contrast to a CKD patient? Akshay Baheti
4 10.30-10.50 Imaging pregnant and lactating patients: Myths and realities Aparna Ringe-Katdare
5 10.50-11.20 Contrast reactions and extravasation: Do you know what to do? Akshay Baheti
  11.20-11.30 Q and A  
  11.30-11.45 Tea/ Coffee Break  
6 11.45-12.05 MRI and contrast: Are you aware of the current SOPs? Akshay Baheti
7 12.05-12.25 Pacemakers and metal in MRI: What we can and can’t do Aparna Ringe-Katdare
  12.25-12.35PM Q and A  
8 12.35– 12.50 Consent for CT contrast: Is it needed? Akshay Baheti
9 12.50-1.10 Consent for intervention: How I do it and I use a checklist Bhavin Jankharia
10 1.10-1.20 Q and A Bhavin Jankharia
  1.20-2.00 Lunch  
Statutory compliances      
11 2.00-2.30 AERB, PC-PNDT, Licenses, Indemnity et al Bhavin Jankharia
The radiology report      
12 2.30-3.00 The art and science of a radiology report Akshay Baheti
  3.00-3.15 Q and A and discussion  
13 3.15-3.30
Can you make changes in finalized reports?
Bhavin Jankharia
14 3.30-3.40 Patient rights Bhavin Jankharia
  3.40-3.50 Q and A  
  3.50-4.10 Tea/ Coffee Break  
15 4.10-4.30 QA and QC in radiology Bharat Aggarwal
16 4.30-4.50 Improving productivity in the radiology workplace Bharat Aggarwal
  4.50-5.00 Q and A  
17 5.00-5.30 Future of radiology
Bhavin Jankharia