This course is for any physician interested in the radiology of diffuse lung diseases, from resident to consultant.

12 May to 28th July 2024 – 12 Weeks

About the Curriculum

  • This curriculum will be taught using Google Classroom. The Introductory Video (link here) has an overview of the curriculum.
  • Each week, a new YouTube video on the subject of that week will be uploaded on a Sunday.
  • Each video will be accompanied by classwork to be done, in the form of questions and quizzes to be answered. The answers will not be graded but each participant must complete the questions.
  • Any questions posed by participants will be answered asynchronously within 2-3 days.
  • The last quiz on Week 12 must be answered fully over 1 week and the participant must get 33% correct.
  • After completing the course work and the final assessment, a certificate of completion will be issued.
  • If less than 80% of the assignments have been completed, then no certificate will be issued

Introductory Video:

click here

Payment and Instructions

  • The price is Rs. 999 and subscriptions will be open till the end of Week 4, i.e the midnight of          1st June 2024, or when the number crosses 240, whichever is earlier, after which the subscriptions will be closed.
  • After your subscription has been received, your email ID will be added to the participant list in Google Classroom, following which you will receive notifications each time a new assignment is put up.
  • Please fill up the form after you have subscribed with your email ID. Your email ID is your main identifier.

Pay here:

Download brochure: here