Tea/Coffee breakTea/Coffee breakInstructions

  1. The course was from 11-14 Oct 2018 at Tata Memorial Hospital, R D Choksi Hall, Golden Jubliee Building, Parel, Mumbai
  2. Only 200 registrations were accepted on first-come, first-serve basis.
  3.  Registration fee was:

Rs.3500 – Early bird first 25 entries

Rs.4000 – till 15th Sept 2018

Rs.4500- there after

4. RRC 2018, announced for the first time, the call for abstract submissions for paper presentations.

REF Abstract guidelines for paper presentation [RRC 2018] were

  • Topics: Conventional radiology: the fading art Various named signs in radiology Optimal protocols for specific studies
  • Papers should include original cases.
  • Abstracts should be submitted before 15-09-18
  • Only radiology residents / senior residents can be presenting authors.
  • Abstracts shall be accepted from registered delegates only.
  • No changes in abstract authorship or contents shall be allowed after final submission.
  • Abstracts should be submitted at info@refindia.net , shamina@refindia.net
  • The decisions and selection of papers for oral presentation made by the scientific committee shall be final.
  • Abstracts should not be more than 250 words (excluding the title, author list and institution) and should be sent in word (.doc,.docx) format.

Abstracts should include sections on
Title, author list and institution details should be typed on top of the abstract content
Learning Objectives,
Brief description
Concluding statement

5. There was lunch served with coffee breaks on all four days.

Program Details

Day 1- 11 th october [Thursday] Speaker 10.45AM 7.45PM  
Chest I       2hr30m
Solitary lung nodule Dr Bhavin Jankharia 10.45AM 11.10AM 25 min
Interstitial lung diseases Dr Parang Sanghvi 11.10AM 11.40AM 30 min
Mediastinum Dr Abhijeet Raut 11.40AM 12.00PM 20 min
Infections in immunocompromised pts Dr Abhijeet Raut 12.00PM 12.15PM 15 min
Positioning of tubes and line plain radiographs Dr Sanjay Jain 12.15PM 12.45PM 30 min
Airways Dr Bhavin Jankharia 12.45PM 1.00PM 15 min
Pulmonary Thromboembolism Dr Parang Sanghvi 1.00PM 1.15PM 15 min
Lunch   1.15PM 2.30PM 45 min
Body I        
Approach to liver lesions in cirrhotic and non cirrhotic lesion Dr Saugata sen 2.30PM 3.20PM 50 mins
Approach to a patient with obstructive jaundice Dr Saugata sen 3.20PM 3.50PM 30 min
Approach to pancreatic masses: What the surgeon wants to know Dr Akshay Baheti 3.50PM 4.20PM 30 min
Tea/Coffee break   4.20PM 4.35PM 15 min
Approach to Rectal Carcinoma Dr Saugata sen 4.35PM 4.55PM 20 min
Introduction to oncoimaging and response assessment Dr Akshay Baheti 4.55PM 5.20PM 25 min
Approach to adrenal masses Dr Aparna Katdare 5.20PM 5.45PM 25 min
Newer advances in imaging (non neuro) Dr Saugata sen 6.10PM 6.10PM 25 min
Tea/Coffee break   6.10PM 6.25PM 15 min
Quiz   6.25PM 7.30PM 1 hr


Day 2- 12 th october [Friday]   9:00Am 7:00Am  
Body II 9:00Am      
Bowel pathologies Dr Bharat Aggarwal 9:00Am 9:30Am 30 min
Pelvic gyn MRI Dr Bharat Aggarwal 9:30Am 10:00Am 30 min
Guidelines on managing adnexal incidentalomas seen on USG and CT Dr Bharat Aggarwal 10:00Am 10:20Am 20 min
Prostate MRI Dr Bharat Aggarwal 10:20Am 10:40Am 20 min
Approach to Renal Masses Dr Bharat Aggarwal 10:40Am 11:05Am 25 min
Tea/Coffee break   11:05Am 11:20Am 15 mins
Pediatrics   11:20Am    
Pediatric Skeletal Dysplasia Dr Ravi Ramakantan 11:20Am 11:50Am 30 min
Pediatric Body tumors Dr Seema Kembhavi 11:50Am 12:20pm 30 min
Neuro   12:20pm    
Pediatric brain tumors Dr Shilpa Sankhe 12:20pm 12:40pm 30 min
Lunch   1:10PM 1:55PM 45 min
Stroke Dr Deepak Patkar 1:55PM 2:25PM 30 min
Epilepsy Dr Shilpa Sankhe 2:25PM 2:50PM 25 min
CNS infection Dr Deepak Patkar 2:50PM 3:15PM 25 min
CVJ Dr Shilpa Sankhe 3:15PM 3:35PM 20 min
Patients NOT images Dr Ravi Ramakantan 3:35PM 4:05PM 30 min
Future of Radiology Dr Bhavin Jankharia 4:05PM 4:35PM 30 min
Tea/Coffee break   4:35PM 4:50PM 15 min
Core Basics       1hr 20min
Radiation and patients Dr Bhavin Jankharia 4:50PM 5:20PM 30 min
Contrast and patients Dr Akshay Baheti 5:20PM 5:45 PM 25 min
MRI Safety: Myths and Facts Dr Aparna Katdare 5:45 PM 6:05 PM 20 min
Quiz – II       1hr
Semis Dr Shilpa Sankhe 6.00PM 7.00PM 1 hr


Day 3- 13th October 2018 [Saturday]   9:00Am 7:00PM  
IR   9:00Am 10:00Am 1hr 00 min
Non-vascular intervention and Biopses Dr Bhavin jankharia 9:00Am 9:30Am 30 min
USG guided Intervention Dr Saba Shaikh 9.30AM 10.30AM 30 min
Cardiovascular   10.00AM 11.00AM 1 hr
Cardiac CT Dr Avanti Guhale 10.00AM 10.30AM 30 min
Cardiac MRI Dr Avanti Guhale 10.30AM 11.00AM 30 min
Tea/Coffee break   11.00AM 11:15AM 15 min
Musculoskeletal   11:15AM 12:50PM 2 hr
Shoulder Dr Malini Lawnde 11:15AM 11:40AM 25 min
Knee Dr Khushboo Pilania 11:40AM 12:05PM 25 min
Hip Dr Khushboo Pilania 12:05PM 12:30PM 25 min
Elbow Dr Malini Lawnde 12:30PM 12:50PM 20 min
Lunch   12:50PM 1:35PM 45 min
Approach to arthropathies Dr Bhavin jankharia 1:35PM 2:00PM 25 min
Focal bone lesions Dr Bhavin jankharia 2:00PM 2:30PM  
Focal and diffuse marrow abnormalities in spine Dr Aditya Daftary 2:30PM 2:55PM 25 min
Pediatric muskuloskeletal imaging Dr Aditya Daftary 2:55PM 3:15PM 20 min
DECT Dr Parang Snghvi 3:15PM 3:35PM 20 min
USG   3:35PM    
MSK USG Dr Ashwin Lawande 3:35PM 4:05PM 30 min
Ophthal USG Dr Deepak Bhatt 4:05PM 4:25PM 20 min
Break   4:25PM 4:40PM 15 min
Breast Dr Bijal Jankharia 4:40PM 5:25PM 45 min
Quiz – III   6:00PM 7:00PM 1 hr
Finals   6:00PM 7:00PM 60 min


Day 4- 14th October 2018 [Sunday]   9:00Am 4:00Pm  
Head and neck        
PNS Dr Abhijeet Raut 9.00AM 9.20AM 20 min
Head and neck anatomy and pathologies Dr Varsha Joshi 9.20AM 11.40AM 2 hr 20 min
Break   11.40AM 12.50PM 15 min
Body III        
Radiological approach to infertility Dr Saba Shaikh 11.50AM 12.20PM 30 min
  Dr Saba Shaikh 12.20PM 12.50PM 30 min
Lunch   12.50PM 1.20PM 45 min
Obstetric ultrasound       2 hrs
1st Trimester B Ramamoorthy 1.20PM 1.50PM 30 min
2st Trimester B Ramamoorthy 1.50PM 2.20PM 30 min
3st Trimester B Ramamoorthy 2.20PM 2.50PM 30 min
Break   2.50PM 3.00PM 15 min
Barium Dr Govind Jankharia 3.00PM 4.00PM 60 min