• The course was held at the RD Chokshi Auditorium, Tata Memorial Hospital from 9th June to 10th June
  • The course fee was Rs.750/- for Residents and Rs.1050/- for Consultant
  • Following were the Program Details


  Day I – June 9th, 2007    
Topic Start Time End Time Duration
Basics – I 8.30AM 10.30AM  
The adult chest radiograph 8.30AM 10.00AM 90 mins
Collapse patterns & mimics 10.00AM 10.30AM 30 mins
  Break (15m)    
Interstitial Lung Diseases 10.45AM 2.45PM  
HRCT techniques & principles 10.45AM 11.05AM 20 mins
HRCT anatomy 11.05AM 11.35AM 30 mins
Clinico-radiologic correlation of the major ILDs 11.35AM 1.00PM 85 mins
  Lunch – 1pm-2pm (60 m)    
Holistic approach to ILD interpretation 2.00PM 2.45PM 45 mins
Airways – I 2.45PM 3.50PM  
Bronchial anatomy 2.45PM 3.05PM 20 mins
Clinico-radiologic correlation of airway diseases 3.05PM 3.50PM 45 mins
  Break (20m)    
Mediastinum 4.10PM 5.00PM  
Imaging of the mediastinum 4.10PM 5.00PM 50 mins
Other Modalities 5.00PM 6.00PM  
Chest MRI 5.00PM 5.30PM 5.30PM
Virtual endoscopy 5.30PM 6.00PM 30 mins
  Break (15m)    
Film reading / Quiz 6.15PM 7.45PM 90 mins


  Day II – June 10th, 2007    
Topic Start Time End Time Duration
Lung cancer 8.30AM 9.30AM  
Radiology of lung cancer, incl. evaluation of SPN 9.00AM 10.00AM 60 mins
PET-CT 10.00AM 10.45AM 45 mins
  Break (15m)    
CT-guided interventions 11.00AM 11.30AM 30 mins
Bronchial artery embolizations 11.30AM 12.00 Noon 30 mins
Pulmonary thrombo-embolism 12 Noon 1.00PM  
Pulmonary thrombo-embolism 12 Noon 1.00PM 60 mins
  Lunch – 1pm-2pm (60 m)    
Basics – II 2.00PM Till end  
Neonatal and pediatric chest 2.00PM 3.00PM 60 mins
Chest tubes, lines, etc 3.00PM 3.45PM 45 mins
Chest radiographs – remaining issues 3.45PM Till end