The course was held from 13th – 16th October, 2005 at the MLT at KEM Hospital. The program was as below.

The first quiz prize was an all-paid trip to the ECR at Vienna either in 2006 or 2007.

Date Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
13-Oct-05 Day 1 – 13 Oct 2003        
  Physics   1.00PM 2.15PM  
13-Oct-05 Basic practical physics Ravi Ramakantan 1.00PM 2.15PM 75 mins
  Chest   2.15PM 6.45PM  
13-Oct-05 Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 2.15PM 2.45PM 30 mins
13-Oct-05 Basic X-ray interpretation Ravi Ramakantan 3.00PM 4.00PM 60 mins
13-Oct-05 Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 4.00PM 4.45PM 45 mins
13-Oct-05 Pediatric chest Ravi Ramakantan 5.00PM 5.45PM 45 mins
13-Oct-05 Interstitial lung diseases Anirudh Kohli 5.45PM 6.45PM 60 mins
  Quiz – written elims   6.45PM 7.30PM 45 mins
14-Oct-05 Day 2 – 14 Oct 2003        
  Cardiac   8.30AM 9.15AM  
14-Oct-05 Cardiac CT & MRI – overview Bhavin Jankharia 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
  Vascular & Interventional   9.15AM 11.30AM  
14-Oct-05 Color Doppler Chander Lulla 9.15AM 9.45AM 30 mins
14-Oct-05 CT & MRI angiography I K Indrajit 9.45AM 10.15AM 30 mins
14-Oct-05 Vascular intervention Vimal Someshwar 10.30AM 11.00AM 30 mins
14-Oct-05 Non-vascular intervention Rahul Sheth 11.00AM 11.30AM 30 mins
  Musculoskeletal   11.30AM 5.30PM  
14-Oct-05 Bone dysplasias Ravi Ramakantan 11.30AM 12.15PM 45 mins
14-Oct-05 Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 12.15PM 1.00PM 45 mins
  Lunch   1.00PM 2.00PM  
14-Oct-05 Bone tumors Ravi Ramakantan 2.00PM 2.45PM 45 mins
14-Oct-05 Degenerative spine disease Bhavin Jankharia 2.45PM 3.30PM 45 mins
14-Oct-05 CVJ Meher Ursekar 3.45PM 4.30PM 45 mins
14-Oct-05 Internal derangements – MR Bhavin Jankharia 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
  GI – I   5.30PM 7.00PM  
14-Oct-05 Barium interpretation – I Ravi Ramakantan 5.30PM 7.00PM 90 mins
  Quiz – quarters   7.00PM 7.30PM 30 mins
15-Oct-05 Day 3 – 15 Oct 2003        
  Neuro and Head & Neck   8.30AM 3.45PM  
15-Oct-05 Brain tumors – basic issues Meher Ursekar 8.30AM 9.30AM 60 mins
15-Oct-05 Stroke Shrinivas Desai 9.30AM 10.15AM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 White matter diseases Meher Ursekar 10.30AM 11.15AM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 Temporal bone Santosh Gupta 11.15AM 12noon 45 mins
15-Oct-05 Neck spaces Meher Ursekar 12.15PM 1.00PM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 PNS imaging Abhijit Raut 1.00PM 1.45PM 45 mins
  Lunch   1.45PM 2.45PM  
15-Oct-05 Larynx Santosh Gupta 2.45PM 3.00PM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 Ocular ultrasound Deepak Bhatt 3.00PM 3.30PM 30 mins
  Break       15 mins
  GU   3.45PM 7.00PM  
15-Oct-05 Practical IVU Suleman Merchant 3.45PM 4.30PM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 Renal USG – pearls & D/Ds Mukund Joshi 4.30PM 5.15PM 45 mins
  Break       15 mins
15-Oct-05 CT & MRI Urography Bharat Aggarwal 5.30PM 6.15PM 45 mins
15-Oct-05 Prostate Mukund Joshi 6.15PM 7.00PM 45 mins
  Quiz – Finals   7.00PM till end  
16-Oct-05 Day 4 – 16 Oct 2003        
  Women’s radiology   8.30AM 12.30PM  
16-Oct-05 Basic issues in obstetric ultrasound B Ramamoorthy 8.30AM 9.15AM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Fetal anomalies Nitin Chaubal 9.15AM 10.00AM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Uterine & ovarian USG B Ramamoorthy 10.15AM 11.00AM 45 mins
  Uterine & ovarian CT & MRI Bharat Aggarwal 11.00AM 11.45AM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Mammography & sono-mammography Bijal Jankharia 11.45AM 12.30PM 45 mins
  Lunch   12.30PM 1.30PM  
  GI – II   1.30PM 5.00PM  
16-Oct-05 Portal hypertension B Ramamoorthy   1.30PM 2.15PM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Obstructive jaundice Bharat Aggarwal 2.15PM 3.00PM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Mesentery, peritoneum Bharat Aggarwal 3.15PM 4.00PM 45 mins
16-Oct-05 Barium interpretation – II Ravi Ramakantan 4.00PM 5.00PM 5.00PM