The course was held at the Nehru Museum & library Auditorium, Teen Murti, Delhi from 6-8 May, 2011.

Program Details

Body Imaging Course- 6th May to 8th May 2011

    DAY 1 – Friday – 6th May 2011    
Topic Speaker Start Time End time Duration
Ultrasound liver – technique & checklist Sharad Maheshwari 9.00am 9.20am 20 mins
New techniques: contrast/ elastography Kulbir Ahlawat 9.20am 9.20am 20 mins
Diffuse liver disease US Sharad Maheshwari 9.40am 10.00am 20 mins
Focal liver lesions incl HCC Punam Bajaj 10.00am 10.30am 30 mins
CT & MRI Liver protocols Bharat Aggarwal 10.30am 10.50am 20 mins
Portal Hypertension US Abhishek Agarwal 10.50am 11.10am 20 mins
BREAK   11.10am 11.30am 20 mins
Newer techniques in MRI – spectro, elasto, diff, DCE Karthik Ganesan 11.30am 11.50am 20 mins
Ultrasound in Obs jaundice Nitin Ghonge 11.50am 12.10pm 20 mins
CT/ MRC in Obs Jaundice
Raju Sharma
12.10pm 12.40am 30 mins
Diffuse liver Disease inc cirrhosis PHT Karthik Ganesan 12.40am 1.00pm 30 mins
Focal Lesions in cirrhosis liver & HCC Karthik Ganesan 1.00pm 1.20pm 20 mins
LUNCH   1.20pm 2.00pm 40 mins
Focal liver lesions non cirrhotic Raju Sharma 2.00pm 2.30pm 30 mins
Endovascular Hepatobiliary Interventions Baijal Medicity 2.30pm 3.00pm 30 mins
Pre transplant Imaging Tarun Medicity 3.00pm 3.30pm 30 mins
Percutaneous Hepatobiliary Intervent Sunil Puri 3.30pm 3.55pm 25 mins
Transplant Imaging per op Reeti Shani 3.55pm 4.10pm 15 mins
BREAK   4.10pm 4.30pm 20 mins
Ultrasound Pancreas   4.30pm 4.50pm 20 mins
Acute & chronic pancreatitis CT/MR Karthik Ganesan 4.50pm 5.20pm 30 mins
Cystic Pancreatic lesions CT/MR Sunil Puri 5.20pm 5.40pm 20 mins
Solid Pancreatic tumors CT/MR Sanjay Dhawan 5.40pm 6.00pm 20 mins
Whats new in Body Imaging Vendor 1 Vendor 1 6.00pm 6.20pm 20 mins


    DAY 2 – Saturday – 7th May 2011    
Topic Speaker Start Time End time Duration
Ultrasound with Doppler Kidney Nitin Ghonge 9.00am 9.30am 30 mins
Urography-IVU, CTU, MRU- techniques Calulus & non calculus Sharad Maheshwari 9.30am 10.00am 30 mins
Cystic renal tumors Ruchika Sharma 10.00am 10.20am 20 mins
Solid Tumors incl RCC Sharad Maheshwari 10.20am 10.40am 20 mins
Paediatric tumors I Arun Gupta AIIMS 10.40am 11.00am 11.00am
Paediatric tumors I Ashu Seith AIIMS 11.00am 11.20am 20 mins
BREAK   11.20am 11.40am 20 mins
Urethral Imaging Bharat Aggarwal 11.40am 11.55am 15 mins
Adrenal Imaging – techniques Nitin Ghonge 11.55am 12.10pm 15 mins
Adrenal Imaging – pathology Raju Sharma 12.10pm 12.30pm 20 mins
Spleen Karthik Ganesan 12.30pm 12.50pm 20 mins
Plain Film Abdomen Ravi Ramakantan 12.50pm 1.30pm 40 mins
LUNCH   1.30pm 2.10pm 40 mins
Barium studies indication & relevance Ravi Ramakantan 2.10pm 3.00pm 60 mins
CT of the small bowel Rajesh Gothi 3.00pm 3.30pm 30 mins
MR enteroclysis – technique & path DCA 3.30pm 3.50pm 20 mins
CT/MR Colon including Ca rectum Sharad Maheshwari 3.50pm 4.20pm 30 mins
BREAK   4.20pm 4.20pm 20 mins
Barium Studies part II Ravi Ramakantan 4.40pm 5.10pm 30 mins
Body Diffusion Raju Sharma 5.10pm 5.30pm 20 mins
PET CT in abdominal tumors S S Bhullar 5.30pm 5.50pm 20 mins
What new in Body Imaging Vendor 2
Vendor 2
5.50pm 6.10pm 20 mins


    DAY 3 – Sunday – 6th May 2011    
Topic Speaker Start Time End time Duration
Abdominal Trauma Atin AIIMS 9.00am 9.30am 30 mins
Acute abdomen CT & MR Ruchika Sharma 9.30am 10.00am 30 mins
GI Bleed diagnosis & intervention Baijal Medicity 10.00am 10.30am 40 mins
Mesentery, Peritoneum Bharat Aggarwal 10.30am 10.50am 20 mins
BREAK   10.50am 11.10am 20 mins
Nuclear medicine in Abdomen DCA 11.10am 11.30am 30 mins
Penile Doppler & testicular ultrasound Chandan Das 11.30am 11.50am 20 mins
US prostate & biopsy Nitin Ghonge 11.50am 12.10pm 30 mins
MRI prostate Paramjeet 12.10pm 12.50pm 40 mins
Pelvic floor Studies Ruchika Sharma 12.50pm 1.10pm 20 mins
LUNCH   1.10pm 1.50pm 40 mins
Fistula in ano Bharat Aggarwal 1.50pm 2.10pm 20 mins
MRI obs/development anomalies Nitin Ghonge 2.10pm 2.40pm 30 mins
MRI benign gynaecology Karthik Ganesan 2.40pm 3.10pm 30 mins
MRI in gynae cancers Ruchika Sharma 3.10pm 3.40pm 30 mins
CT in Pelvic pathologies Rajesh Gothi 3.40pm 4.00pm 20 mins
Whats new in Body Imaging Vendor III 4.00pm 4.20pm 20 mins