1. The course was held on 2nd February, 2010 at KEM hospital’s Medicine Seminar Hall.
  2. Registration was free.
  3. Registration was on first-cum, first-serve basis and will stop the moment 100 registration are done.


Topic Speaker Start Time Start Time Duration
Small Airway Disease Dr Fereidoun Abtin 4.00pm 4.45pm 45 mins
Pulmonary Hypertension Dr Fereidoun Abtin 4.45pm 5.15pm 30 mins
Discussion on further Education in US Dr Fereidoun Abtin 5.15pm 5.45pm 30 mins
Break   5.45pm 6.00pm  
Lung Cancer Dr Fereidoun Abtin 6.00pm 6.45pm 45 mins
Role of IR in management of lung cancer Dr Fereidoun Abtin 6.45pm 7.15pm
30 mins