1. The Course was held in collaboration with SickKids Global Child Health Program & Department of Diagnostic Imaging, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Canada at KEM Hospital, MLT Hall, Parel, Mumbai from 7-8 Nov, 2009
  2. The registration fees for consultants were Rs.2000/- and for residents Rs. 1000/-.
  3. Registration was on first-cum, first-serve basis.
  4. There was lunch served on both days with coffee breaks.
  5. Audience Interactivity Challenge:

During all lectures and quiz sessions, there were audience response keypads available to enter responses on cases presented. Answers were combined and displayed on main screen as a group percentage and matched to the correct diagnosis

Program Details

    Pediatrics Radiology Educational Series      
Date Topic Speaker Start time End time Duration
07/11/2009 General Issues & Neuroradiology:        
  Welcome by Dr Ravi Ravi Ramakantan 11.00am 11.05am 5 mins
  Introduction by Dr Shroff Manu Shroff 11.05am 11.10am 5 mins
  Child Centered Approach to Diagnostic Imaging Erika Mann 11.10am 11.30am 20 mins
  How to do Ultrasound of the Neonatal Brain Govind Chavhan 11:30am 12:10pm 40 mins
  Apporach to Pediatric C Spine Trauma Manu Shroff 12.10pm 12.50pm 40 mins
  Jeopardy-Interesting Cases in Neuroradiology Manu Shroff 12.50pm 1.30pm 40 mins
  Lunch   1.30pm 2.00pm 30 mins
  Ultrasound, GI & GU        
  GI fluoroscopic techinques Erika Mann 2.00pm 2.20pm 20 mins
  How to optimize pediatrics ultrasound & color doppler Govind Chavhan 2.20pm 3.05pm 40 mins
  GU Imaging & UTI Erika Mann 3.05pm 3.45pm 40 mins
  Tea Break   3.45pm 3.55pm 10 mins
  GI & Abdomen        
  Malrotation & other GI abnormalities Erika Mann 3.55pm 4.35pm 40 mins
  Common Abdominal conditions in children Govind Chavhan 4.35pm 5.15pm 40 mins
  Quiz-uncommon Abdominal conditions Erika Mann / Govind Chavhan 5.15pm 5.55pm 40 mins
  Evaluation   5.55pm 6.15pm 20 mins
08/11/2009 Radiation Chest        
  Radiology of Childhood TB Ravi Ramakantan 9.00am 9.40am 40 mins
  Ionizing Radiation in Pediatric Imaging: Doses & Risks Erika Mann 9.40am 10.20am 40 mins
  Neonatal Chest Ravi Ramakantan 10.20am 10.45am 25 mins
  Tea Break   10.45am 11.00am 15 mins
  Dysplasias, NAI        
  Non-accidental Injury Manu Shroff 11.00am 11.40am 40 mins
  Joepardy-Hand x-rays (including bone dysplasias Govind Chavhan 11.40am 12.20am 40 mins
  Hip Dysplasias Erika Mann 12.20pm 1.00pm 40 mins
  Lunch   1.00pm 1.30pm 30 mins
  MRI & Pediatrics Tumors        
  Body MRI in Children-the basics Govind Chavhan 1.30pm 2.10pm 40 mins
  Joepardy-Pediatric CNS tumors Manu Shroff 2.10pm 2.30pm 20 mins
  Body Tumors in Children Govind Chavhan 2.30pm 3.10pm 40 mins
  Tea Break   3.10pm 3.30pm 20 mins
  Musculoskeletal       40 mins
  Bone Tumors in Children Bhavin Jankharia 3.30pm 4.10pm 40 mins
  Fractures in Children Erika Mann 4.10pm 4.50pm 20 mins
  Approach to Bone Edema Bhavin Jankharia 4.50pm 5.10pm 20 mins
  Evaluation   5.10pm 5.30pm 20 mins