The Fifth Residents’ Review Course was conducted between the 19th and the 22nd of October, 2000.

A total of 321 residents attended this course from all over the country. This year around 50% of the registrations were received through the net, showing that our radiology resident community is getting increasingly net-savvy.

Dr. Prashant Shetty could not make it due to an unforeseen illness and his place was ably taken by Drs. Priscilla Joshi, Shailendra Maheshwari and Sachin Gujjar.

This year we did not have poster presentations, unlike last year , but plan to have them again next year.

Dr. Prasad Beeraka won the quiz becoming the 3rd REF Scholar for the RSNA and Dr. Anand Rahalkar won the second prize becoming the 3rd REF Scholar for the IRIA. Prasad is also from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences as was Dr. Sanjeeva Prasad Kalwa , the first REF Scholar.

The final program was held as follows:


DAY 01 19th October 00    
Films & cassettes Ravi Ramakantan 45
Contrast media Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
Film processing Ravi Ramakantan 45
Planning of radiology department Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
CHEST I 4.30PM-7.00PM  
Principles of interpretation Ravi Ramakantan 45
Solitary pulmonary nodule Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
Bronchogenic carcinoma Bhavin Jankharia 45
QUIZ written elims 7.00PM-end  
DAY 02 20th October 00    
CHEST II 8.00AM-11.15AM  
Mediastinum Bhavin Jankharia 45
Pediatric chest Mukund Rahalkar 45
Interstitial lung diseases Anirudh Kohli 45
Bronchial tree Bhavin Jankharia 30
Break   15
HEAD & NECK 11.15AM-12.45PM  
Neck spaces Shailendra Maheshwari 45
Paranasal sinuses Sachin Gujar 45
LUNCH   60
SPINE 1.45PM-5.15PM  
Spine trauma Ravi Ramakantan 45
Spine neoplasms Spine neoplasms 45
Break   15
Spine infections Meher Ursekar 45
Degenerative diseases Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
CVS 5.15PM-7.00PM  
Congenital heart disease Ravi Ramakantan 45
Interventional radiology overview Jagdish Modhe 45
Break   15
QUIZ semi-finals 7.00PM-end  
DAY 03 21st October 00
Principles of interpretation Priscilla Joshi 45
Stroke Shrinivas Desai 60
Break   15
Brain neoplasms Meher Ursekar 60
Neurosonography Alka Karnik 45
Congenital anomalies Meher Ursekar 45
LUNCH   60
Trauma Ravi Ramakantan 45
Arthritides Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
Neoplasms Ravi Ramakantan 45
TM joint Bhavin Jankharia 45
Break   15
Prostate, seminal vesicles Mukund Joshi 45
GI Tract in pediatrics Mukund Rahalkar 45
Pediatric abdominal masses Mukund Joshi 45
Break   15
QUIZ finals 7.30PM-end  
DAY 04 22nd October 00
OBST & GYNEC 8.00AM-9.45AM  
Targeted US of fetal anomalies B Ramamoorthy 45
Approach to adnexal mass B Ramamoorthy 45
Break   15
Portal hypertension B Ramamoorthy 45
Obstructive jaundice Anirudh Kohli 45
Break   15
Plain film of abdomen Ravi Ramakantan 45
Approach to hematemesis/malena Ravi Ramakantan 45
LUNCH   60
Esophagus & stomach Ravi Ramakantan 45
Small bowel Ravi Ramakantan 45
Break   15
Large bowel Ravi Ramakantan 45
HIV & radiology Anirudh Kohli 45