This course was held on 1st April, 2017 at Plateau Hall, Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai for only 30 early bird entries.

Key learning objectives

  1. Radiation exposure: Substance over hype
  2. Daily DO’s and DONT’s in CT and MRI: Managing issues related to contrast, pregnancy, metal implants etc
  3. Medicolegal and ethical considerations of consent, filming and reporting
  4. Mastering various compliance issues related to AERB and PC-PNDT

Registration fee – for 30 entries only

Fee                                    Category
Rs.1500                          From 1 to 14 March 2017 / first 10 entries
Rs.2000                          From 15 to 25 Mar 2017 / from 11 to 20 delegates
Rs.2500                          From 26 to 30 Mar 2017 / from 21 to 30 delegates

Faculty speakers

  • Dr Akshay Baheti
  • Dr Anirudh Malpani
  • Dr Aparna Ringe
  • Dr Bhavin Jankharia
  • Dr Milind Gune
  • Dr Pankaj Tandon
  • Dr Ravi Ramakantan
  • Dr Samir Gandhi
  • Dr Sharad Maheshwari


Topic Speaker Start Time End Time Duration
Protocols and Contraindications – Contrast, Radiation, Magnets   10.00AM 1.00PM 3hrs
Patient radiation questions: Do you know all the answers Bhavin Jankharia 10.00AM 10.30AM 30 Min
Q and A   10.30AM 10.40AM 10 Min
Contrast induced nephropathy and creatinine cut-offs: Are you following the correct protocols? Akshay Baheti 10.40AM 11.10AM 30 Min
Contrast complications & management: Do you know what to do? Sharad Maheshwari 11.10AM 11.40AM 20 Min
MRI and contrast: Are you aware of the current SOPs? Akshay Baheti 11.40AM 12.00PM 20 Min
Q and A   12.00PM 12.15PM 15 Min
Imaging pregnant and lactating patients: Can you give contrast in a pregnant patient? Aparna Ringe 12.15PM 12.30PM 15 Min
Pacemakers and metal in MRI: What we can and can’t do Bhavin Jankharia 12.30PM 12.45PM 15 Min
Q and A   12.45PM 1.00PM 15 Min
Consent   1.45PM 2.30PM 45 min
Consent for CT contrast: Is it needed? Akshay Baheti 1.45PM 2.00PM
15 Min
Consent for intervention: How I do it? Bhavin Jankharia 2.00PM 2.15PM 15 Min
Q and A   2.15PM 2.30PM 15 Min
Keynote Address   2.30PM 3.00PM 30 min
The practice of radiology Ravi Ramakantan 2.30PM 3.00PM 30 min
Tea break   3.00PM 3.15PM 15Min
Reporting and patient rights   3.15PM 3.15PM 1hr
Reports: Do you know what to do when a referring doctor asks to delete a line mentioning comparison? Bhavin Jankharia 3.15PM 3.30PM 15 min
Filming and CDs: Do’s and dont’s Bhavin Jankharia

10 min
Searching for information Vasumati Sriganesh 3.40PM 4.00PM 20 min
Q and A   4.00PM 4.15PM 15 min
Compliance   4.15PM 6.00PM 1hr 45min
AERB Pankaj Tandon, Samir Gandhi 4.15PM 4.35PM 10 min
Q and A   4.35PM 4.35PM 10 min
PC-PNDT Milind Gune, Samir Gandhi 4.45PM 5.15PM 30 min
Q & A   5.15PM 5.30PM 15 min
Panel discussion and Q and A   5.30PM 6.00PM 30 min